Latest Samsung Galaxy S24: Release Date, Pricing & Features

It’s been a while since Samsung released their flagship Galaxy S series phones. Naturally, there has been a stir among the fans about the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup of Samsung smartphones. The date is finally announced and along with that, we have information about the price and the anticipated features of this flagship smartphone.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 model smartphone. So stay tuned!

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Galaxy S24 Official Release Date

On January 2, Samsung officially unveiled the date of the next Galaxy Unpacked event where these latest smartphones will be released. This event will take place on 17 January 2024 at 6 pm.

You will be able to watch this event live on Samsung’s official website and YouTube channel. In addition, Samsung is also giving away exclusive pre-register offers for the next Galaxy smartphone.

We’re expecting three new phones from Samsung, including the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Galaxy S24 Pricing in Bangladesh

Samsung hasn’t revealed the pricing of the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. But if we take a look at the pricing of the previous Galaxy S series model, we might have an idea of the pricing strategy of this year’s S24 model.

Previous Galaxy S Series Pricing

Galaxy S21 SeriesGalaxy S22 SeriesGalaxy S23 SeriesPricing (USD)
Galaxy S21Galaxy S22Galaxy S23$799
Galaxy S21 PlusGalaxy S22 PlusGalaxy S23 Plus$999
Galaxy S21 UltraGalaxy S22 UltraGalaxy S23 Ultra$1,199

As you can see from the list above, Samsung hasn’t altered its Galaxy S pricing strategy in the United States for previous years. So it’s safe to say that the pricing of the upcoming S24 Series will be the same.

Estimated Galaxy S24 Series Pricing

Galaxy S24 SeriesPricing (USD)Pricing (BDT) (approx.)
Galaxy S24$799৳87,757.29
Galaxy S24 Plus$999৳109,724.07
Galaxy S24 Ultra$1,199৳131,690.85

Samsung Galaxy S24 Features

Samsung has been consistent with their Galaxy S series phones. So, we are not expecting a massive change in the design and features of the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup of smartphones.

Samsung is likely sticking with very similar designs with slight incremental upgrades.


  • Possible titanium frame in Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • S24 and S24 Plus might use Armor Aluminum 2.0
  • Typical black, gray colors, yellow, and violet colors

In terms of design, the Galaxy S24 Ultra could feature a titanium frame for the first time. This will significantly reduce the weight of the new Ultra. The S24 and S24 Plus might use Armor Aluminum 2.0, according to a leak.

As for the colors, it seems the S24 series will be available in typical black, gray colors, yellow, and violet colors. But we will not be surprised if Samsung introduces some exclusive colors.


  • Flat Screen on all models
  • A 6.8-inch display on the S24 Ultra
  • A 6.2-inch display on the S24 
  • A 6.7-inch display on the S24 S24 Plus

We have been hearing a lot of rumors that all the S24 smartphones will feature a flat screen. 

Some leaks suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature a 6.8-inch WQHD display.

In contrast, the regular S24 model will have a 6.2-inch and the S24 Plus will have a 6.7-inch screen. But one thing that’s common on all the models is that they will have the same Dynamic AMOLED 2X QHD+ display with a max out brightness of 2,600 nits.

Processor, RAM & Storage

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip
  • 8GB RAM & 128/256/512GB ROM on the Galaxy S24
  • 8/12GB RAM & 256/512GB ROM on the Galaxy S24 Plus
  • 8/12GB RAM & 256/512GB/1TB ROM on the Galaxy S24 Ultra

As for the processor, Samsung may use both Exynos chipsets and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip. The processor used in the S24 and S24 Plus models will vary by region. However, the S24 Ultra will only use the Snapdragon processor.

Additionally, the Galaxy S24 could have 8GB of RAM along with 128, 256, and 512GB storage options. The Galaxy S24 Plus might have 8/12GB of RAM and 256/512GB ROM. Finally, we could see the S24 Ultra features 8GB/12GB of RAM with 256GB/512GB/1TB storage versions.


  • 200MP main, 50MP &10MP telephoto lens, 12MP ultrawide sensor on the S24 Ultra
  • 50MP main, 2x & 3x dual telephoto lenses, 30x Space Zoom on the S24 and S24 Plus

From the upcoming S24 lineup, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra seems to be getting a big camera upgrade. Rumors suggest It might have a quad-camera setup featuring a 200MP main camera, 50MP (5x optical zoom) and 10MP (3x optical zoom) telephoto lens, and a 12MP ultrawide sensor.

Another leak suggested Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus camera setup will consist of a 50MP main sensor along with 2x and 3x dual telephoto lenses and 30x Space Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Features

Battery & Charging

  • 4,000mAh battery & 25W charging on the S24 
  • 4,900mAh battery & 45W charging on the S24 Plus
  • 5,000mAh battery & 45W charging on the S24 Ultra

The Galaxy S24 will have a 4,000mAh battery. The S24 Plus, on the other hand, could feature a 4,900mAh battery. Meanwhile, rumors suggest the S24 Ultra will have a 5,000mAh battery.

As for the charging, we won’t see any updates from the existing model. That means 25W for the S24 and 45W for the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra.

Operating System & AI Agent

Finally, the entire Galaxy S24 series will launch with Android 14 with either Samsung One UI 6 or 6.1. Rumors also indicate that Samsung’s S24 will feature a generative AI agent, powered by the company’s own Gauss generative AI engine. It may be tied into the existing Bixby smart assistant.

Final Thoughts

From all the discussion, it’s pretty clear that the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra lineup will bring some incremental and meaningful upgrades over its predecessor. 

In terms of design and the display, there won’t be massive changes. The new processor and the improved camera system will be the main upgrades we will most probably see.

However, take these all with a grain of salt as there is no official confirmation of the Galaxy S24 features from Samsung.

But the good thing is, we won’t have to wait too long for the official reveal as the release date is right around the corner.

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